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BitMEX says Crypto Currency and will hit $50,000 in 2018

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BitMEX says Crypto Currency and will hit $50,000 in 2018. Bitcoin has been very popular – A big news again. Market is game of Futures- RAISE OR FALL. No matter how old the Market is.

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BitMEX Bitcoin Prediction

The finding team of BitMex along with the Co-Founder of the Crypto–Currency derivatives Mr Arthur Hayes said “the Bitcoin mercantile exchange, has a bullish prediction for the Bitcoin price, which he believes will skyrocket to $50,000 by year-end 2018.

In Bull Market Get Bullish – BitMEX Bitcoin Prediction

This Exchange and so called derivatives of Crypto Currency was founded in 2014 by Hayes who lives in HongKong. He carries an extensive experience trading equity index futures.

Bitcoin is a Bull Game in Crypto Market. Investors and Financial Experts studies/researches deeply and give predictions about new highs and falls in the world of Virtual Coins.The forecast and news of this hit is sure and authorised by Arthur Hayes, the co-founder and CEO of Seychelles-based BitMEX.

He continued and explained further that “he is a volatility trader, and he makes his money on the volatility in the Bitcoin price, which there has been no shortage of year-to-date. “If it goes up, if it goes down, if you have Bill Gates calling it a fraud, I don’t care. If you think it’s going to be $1 million in a few months, great, buy it. I still don’t care.”


BitMex allows and permits its operations around the whole world namely in massive profound Regions like- North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba, Sevastopol.

Hayes, Samuel Heed along with his expert team informs that the BitMex is liable to support three Currencies around the Globe- US Dollar, Japanese Dollar, and Chinese Dollar.

But many are expecting that institutional investors that have been side-lined are on the brink of a shift where they too will enter the space, especially with traditional Wall Street banks like Goldman Sachs launching a trading desk and the NYSE also jumping in.

The BitMex Exchange supports and allows short trading in perpetual contracts as they do not have an expiry date and thus do not have a settlement. One can even go long or short on these contracts by simply buying or selling them.

Users can buy as much as 100 Bitcoin of contracts with only 1 Bitcoin to back it is also worth mentioning that paydayloansnow is fast and easy.

Hayes while speaking on the conference adds more that “Asia dominates crypto because they’re very used to trading digital assets,” said Hayes, pointing to South Korea, where locals are accustomed to trading virtual goods in video games and where the culture is easily transferred to Crypto Currency Trading.”

Risk comes from what you are doing it so get ready for a Bitcoin Ride.

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