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Coineium ICO – The Global Digital services platforms

Coineium ICO - The Global Digital services platforms
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A powerful project and a first-of-its-kind combining six platforms of digital services based on Blockchain technology with innovative new solutions in all fields (trading, informatic, marketing, e-banking, investment)

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What is Coineium?

COINIEUM is a new smart-contract-governed ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain protocol which, using valuable business schemes and investment ideas, builds a strong and powerful community driving a huge economy as it works on various developmental projects to derive benefit from a collection of investments, altogether growing a gross profit.

COINIEUM as a digital currency will, as designated, work as a medium of exchange compatible with the decentralization of the Ethereum blockchain! While employing the open protocol system to facilitate the security of payment transactions, the decentralized storage server is distributed-divided into various servers run by each connected user.

What is Coineium ICO

Segmentations that exist:
The segmentations by which ease of trading and crypto investments are achieved on the platform is the simplicity created by a combination of six services(under the coineium platform) which create a link between between crypto and fiat transactions. The services are:

  1. THE INTERNAL PLATFORM: upon completion of the token sale, we plan to launch an indispensable platform which has been designed to solve all problems relating to exchange of crypto and its conversion to fiat and vice-versa. There are two sub-platforms under this category:
    A crypto exchange: this service enables the easy exchange of crypto to fiat and vice-versa. It will be possible via this service to easily exchange fiat and other digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to coineium, the reverse being also possible. With optimum security and privacy measures that the platform provides, platform subscribers can trade coineium rapidly and in a professional way.Money exchange: in the most efficient and cost effective ways, this service provides a secure link with which connection to E-banks is made possible for the exchange of various cryptocurrencies. It is possible to credit E-banks like neteller and skrill with cryptos, especially coineium.
  2. INSURANCE HOLDING SYSTEM: one major problem that persists in the crypto world is the well known cryptocurrency price fluctuations which often leads to loss of capital by holders of the digital currencies. In a systematic tested and trusted method that proves efficient, we, through our insurance holding system model, protect our token holders against the highly volatile crypto markets through professional trading capacities and monthly earnings according to their holding capacities and duration. In this designation aimed at protecting community members from losses, holdings can be cancelled and withdrawn by the holder at any desired time.

    1. COINEIUM EXCHANGE: this is not just a regular exchange defined by either centralized or decentralized. The coineium hybrid exchange is a merge of both parties allowing the user to take the advantages that come with both systems. The exchange, unlike many others, features;
    • low trading fees(50% lesser than that of many other exchanges)
    • All-time available withdrawals
    • Decentralized registration with no central documentation
    • Support ICO which allows users and ICO project utilize the platform’s security for investments, thereby annulling scams
    • Mobile applications
  3. BUSINESS PLATFORM: this is an integrated business platform featuring a multiplicity of web services needed to create a project online. The business model is to create an avenue through which powerful digital web projects can be supported. With a combination of professionalism from different spheres of duties ranging from project managers to developers and designers and marketers, the platform is sure to create a dedicated support to maintain the continuity of projects.
  4. THE MARKET PLACE: as a service provision platform, the market place will be an avenue for project developers and blockchain service providers to relate while working together to bring out the best from the project at hand. Commercial and technical request created by project developers will be met with corresponding solutions as the coineium market is designed to adapt systematically to these growing demands so we suggest you to visit and learn from san diego coding bootcamp.
  5. BUYING INTO THE FUTURE!!! (Token sale event)
    The COINIEUM ICO is set to begin in less than 10 days from now and we invite everyone to take advantage of the reduced price of the ongoing stock sale after which the token sale will proceed as follows:
    Token sale and distribution:
    coineium ICO Token Sale, Token Price

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Author: Dare Shonubi
Marketing administrator, Coineium

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