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DECOIN ICO Review – Blockchain Profit Sharing Exchange platform

DECOIN ICO Review - DECOIN Price Blockchain Profit Sharing Exchange platform
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The rapidly growing market capitalist is a proof of the existence of Crypto Currency in the world. Every day many projects are emerging with various industry sectors that are integrated with Block Chain Technology. However, this does not mean that Crypto Currency has no risk. Stay cautious about defining a truly trusted company, a good idea, and completely solid from the bottom.

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What is Decoin ICO?

DECOIN Ecosystem is a Decentralized coin and Trading Platform Exchange which redistributes its profits to coin subscribers/holders. Also an open source peer to peer digital ecosystem that encompasses its own proprietary digital currency, the DECOIN (DTEP), powered by an Exchange & Trading platform (D-TEP) that redistributes profits to DECOIN holders and the D-TEP crypto index (DCI). Combining a Proof of Stake (POS) Block Chain protocol, Transparency, Top level Security and 24×7 live support.

DECOIN is a fully secure technology system for Crypto Currency users, enabling users to fully exploit their coin potential, by aligning with the Decentralized nature of the Block Chain itself. DECOIN aims to build world-renowned, worldwide Online Customer Service to facilitate the adoption of Crypto Currency and Block Chain Technologies.

According to ICO Reviews all coin holders that will stake/mint DECOIN’s in their online wallet (full node) will be eligible for a 6.2% interest rate per annum, relative to the number of DECOINs they own.

DECOIN is an open source peer to peer digital ecosystem based on Block Chain Technology, that encompasses its own proprietary digital currency, the DECOIN.

Also DECOIN is powered by D-TEP, a trading platform that redistributes profit gained from fee charged on the platform, back to its holders.

DECOIN ICO Specifications

70 million of these coins will be distributed. This 70 million coins will be allocated and used to guarantee the 6.2% annual return promised to DECOIN holders through the Staking of the coins on their online DECOIN wallet D-TEP will allow the exchange of the DECOIN currency to other forms of digital assets. We also plan on allowing Crypto-To-Fiat trading in the future as well All holders of the DECOIN currency automatically receive trading discounts on D-TEP.

DECOIN ICO Review, Price, Token Price


  • 38% of proceeds will be used to build the D-TEP platform, Licensing fees, R&D, Upgrades, Fixes.
  • 25% will be used for the smooth running of our operation, including sales & compliance team recruiting, training
  • 20% Will be used for D-TEP branding and marketing, including continuous promotion and education of D-TEP platform and DECOIN, innovations, budget for various advertisement activities.
  • 17% will be kept in the Liquidity Pool to serve for times of unexpected situation that might come up.

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