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Valyuta ICO – Liquidity Stable cryptocurrency backed by gold

Valyuta ICO - Liquidity Stable cryptocurrency backed by gold
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The cryptocurrency market is an exciting mystery! Despite the mounting buzz, the growth of the cryptocurrency reception has declined since its inception. As with our competitors, it is largely due to unnecessary fees and high volatility.

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The lack of regulation is another important aspect that prevents the business environment from accepting digital currencies. There is a floating idea that people will not use cryptocurrency because its price is too untenable and unpredictable. With Valyuta, that will not be true anymore.

The digital currency market is still small. And the Blockchain is here to stay. We need a permanent solution to resolve the issue of low volumes, high volatility and digital currency security. That is why we created the Valyuta token.

Our Valyuta token is a digital asset backed by Gold. Each Valyuta coin is backed by one gram of physical gold which in turn offers a stable floor price. With this fundamental feature of Valyuta, we have pooled the best of the old world (gold) with features of the new world (Digital currency).

Valyuta is an asset that increases in value and rewards the members of the Valyuta community with its transaction fee. Using an 80% portion of the small transaction fee of one percent, more gold is purchased for the backup store of Valyuta. The token increasingly becomes more valuable with each transaction.

While creating Valyuta, we also considered the environment. We desired to be as eco-friendly as possible, that is why we selected the Proof of Stake (PoS) Blockchain technology. With being energy saving, it merely takes a few seconds to carry each transaction.

The ICOof emitted Valyuta coins is 14,700,000. This number is completely independent of Bitcoin. To sum up, unlike our competitors on the market, Valyuta does not rely on Bitcoin to assess its value.

We aim to build trust with our users, by storing their value safely. We will be transparent with our principal gold holdings, and conclusively prove that the holdings are absolute to the coins we issue.

We will initiate a variety of applications, payments systems, and authenticate numerous partnerships with exchanges all over the world to ensure that our token will get a rapid adoption as a usage currency.

We have also worked on the scalability of Valyuta. After the end of the ICO the Valyuta tokens can be bought, sold and traded at any major Cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform available. We expect the volume of the Tokens to reach a minimum of $200M in the first quarter. The listing on major exchanges and availability will increase the liquidity resulting in the increase in value of the coin.

The Valyuta ICO will be carried out in over 100 countries. This will ensure that the coin will have more liquidity. These tokens will be listed on all major exchanges such as Kraken, Bitfinex, Poloniex, and Bittrex among others. Most crucially, the coin will be easily convertible into multiple currencies which will make it adoptability easier.

For all the reasons above, we have founded Valyuta. We have got a great team, a terrific product, and a big vision plan to revolutionize the entire cryptocurrency sector. Our target is to pack gold $1000 in 5 years. The value of Valyuta will increase 3000-5000% in the coming 5 years of operation.

Come to invest with us in a much more reliable and secure digital world!

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