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Wind Wide Coin Scam – ICO Shutdown by Texas Government

Wind Wide Coin ICO Scam
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Wind Wide Coin Scam Shutdown by Texas Government. Wind Wide Coin ICO scam using fake endorsements from Jennifer Aniston abruptly stop. This is a simple rule – Fraud Scams and Fake Endorsement should not deserved mercy.

The latest news which was filed on Wedesday-16th May says that the Texas State Securities Board has shut down an initial coin offering (ICO) that it claims used fake endorsements from Jennifer Aniston and other celebrities to fraudulently promote its token sale.

Though having said that Wind Wide Coin- WWC is a company legally registered. The website offers the investors from entire globe that to earn in the market of private crypto-currency investment and trading.

Wind Wide Coin ICO Scam 

There are more than total of $300 million people in the open space are the part of Initial Coin Offering.Although there are 1000+ crypto currencies available in the market right now.

The Crypto Currency has covered a very huge market Entire Globe but still China Central Bank banned the utilization ICOs and Digital Currency.

Wind Wide Coin office is at Houston- USA the most popular city there and it is located where there is no Building Built.

Joe Rotunda the director of enforcement at the Texas State Securities Board, Today’s action is a reminder that, step by step and case by case, we’ve been uncovering a virtual playbook of tactics employed by promoters of illegal and fraudulent Crypto Currency investment programs. Although their names may change and their products may vary, these promoters are employing surprisingly similar schemes. They are often promising lucrative returns from sophisticated investments tied to Crypto Currencies, and then manipulating photographs, media, testimonials and other online information to deceive the public into believing their claims.

Bitcoin is a currency of internet distributed everywhere around the Globe. Thus decentralized money has gained its remarkable value too.

Fraud is a Fraud only

However the Crypto Market is landscape of dozen of Fraudulent ventures. The scammers were caught using phony testimonials to fraudulently promote their token sale.Such scammers are making big money and are just straight up.

Wind Wide Coin website which is a private Bitcoin Platform which can be easily accede by the end Users.

This website is allegedly using the fake endorsements from multiple celebrities to promote the token sale including using the likeness of Jennifer Aniston. Wind Wide Coin is providing no material information about how its trading bot operates or the background of its principals and trading professionals.

Wind Wide Coin is misleading potential investors which has featured a photograph of Jennifer Aniston. Several Texas newspapers and Texas Legislatures have asked for our documented evidence for review.

Wind Wide Coin ICO Scam

Similarly a photograph of Prince Charles was identified there.

Kate Jennifer who is an Australian politician and Queensland Government minister said “I invested 4 BTC at Thursday and I received 8 BTC Friday. It’s great to have extra money for weekend shopping — like they say, easy come, and easy go. Thank you WindWide Coin- Investment Platform.”

A United States Senator and a former Texas Representative stepped in as there are thousands of complaints languishing in the files of Texas Securities’ Enforcement Division.

Joe Rotunda is protecting his agency from the inquiries of victims of Texas which is based on scams and frauds. He is also providing a “safe haven” for wealthy and influential million people.

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