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Zeering – Well known Lottery platform launching own token – ZING on Ethereum blockchain

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Zeering provides lotto sales with cryptocurrency, where users from the world can buy any official government lotteries. Zeering users can access global lotteries under one roof in just a few clicks. Zeering primarily features US state lottos and also gives access to official lotteries from Canada, UK and Australia. Zeering makes it possible for global users to order official lottos remotely. We purchase lotto at retail store with customer’ s chosen number and provide scanned copy to consumers on Zeering dashboard.

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Zeering – Features

Zeering provides automated re-ordering feature, so consumer does not need to pick the same lotto numbers for every jackpot. Consumers can simply click re-order if they would like to pick the same number for upcoming jackpot to provide convenient ordering mechanism. Zeering manages multiple wallets of supported crypto currencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and store crypto assets on very secure storage to provide 100% security assurance to consumers.

As of May 2018, Zeering supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin as a payment method for checkout. Based on expert research, Zeering adds on-demand crypto currency having more stability in terms of price and decentralized nature. Sometimes a large group of specific crypto currency holder may organize pump-and-dump scheme to gain profits. We at Zeering ensure avoidance of usage of such crypto currencies on our platform.

The company operates with a staff of 55 full-time members including the President. Additional staff includes a dual role of manager/operator for Administration, Project Manager, Development, Fulfillment and Customer Service. Each member represents a department of the company with a
specific growth plan. The Company outsources its entire HR needs to Alpha Staff which provides tailored and scalable HR services to meet the company’ s human capital needs across all stages of growth.

With the growth and demand of crypto currency we saw in last 4 years, we decided to create ERC20 based smart contract. ZING Token is ERC20 Ethereum based smart contract, created as a means of payment on Zeering online lottery platform. ZING Token can be used by anyone to buy official lottery tickets on Zeering Online Lottery platform – A marketplace of Official Lottery.

ZING is decentralized and price of currency will grow in parallel growth of Zeering platform. From every commission we earn by sales of lottery tickets on Zeering platform, ZING token value will increase as capital of Zeering raises in community.

ZING token is the primary crypto currency on Zeering platform, consumers can exchange ZING token with other crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Zeering has internal exchange which can be used to exchange Zeering supported crypto currency with ZING token.

ZING Specifications
TypeERC20 Standard Smart Contract
Contract Address0x7a7e1c7157367e224542d92f3c8493bb4dc28878
Max. Supply110 000 000 ZING


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